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EVIQ Electric Car Charging opens a site with the support of the Saudi Investment Fund

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company (EVIQ) has announced the opening of its fast-charging site for electric vehicles at the Rashin Front in Riyadh (formerly known as Riyadh Front).

This move marks a significant achievement for EVIQ, the result of a fruitful partnership between the Public Investment Fund and the Saudi Electricity Company.

This accomplishment is a positive step for the electric car industry within the Kingdom.

The new site features two advanced fast chargers, each with the capacity to deliver over 100 kilowatts, providing high-voltage charging available to all electric vehicle users in Riyadh. The deployment of this technology to the public promises a new era of convenience, speed, and ease, aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to increase the adoption of electric cars for daily use.

Mr. Mohammed Bakr Qazzaz, CEO of EVIQ, stated, “This is a historic moment for EVIQ, marking one of the significant achievements related to our plans to deploy over 5,000 fast chargers at 1,000 strategic locations across the Kingdom by 2030.

” He emphasized the importance of the first site’s opening at Rashin Front, providing advanced electric vehicle charging capabilities to the public and transforming the public charging sector.

David Grover, CEO of Rashin Group, highlighted the significance of Rashin Front as a prominent destination in Riyadh, visited by over 800,000 visitors monthly.

He mentioned that hosting EVIQ’s first public electric vehicle charging station at this location is ideal.

He added, “The neighboring Sudra Residential Project will add about 30,000 modern housing units to Riyadh, providing infrastructure for electric vehicle charging within the first integrated sustainable complex in the capital.”

The time required for electric vehicle charging is one of the significant challenges facing many electric vehicle owners today, coupled with the shortage of fast chargers in the Kingdom’s market. The new fast-charging site is a positive step in the right direction to address such a challenge, in addition to boosting confidence in electric car ownership and usage within the Saudi community.

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