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Al-Moghameer will premiere tomorrow on CBC’s screen

The program “Al-Moghameer” will launch tomorrow, Thursday, on CBC channels with a fresh perspective. The show will take us into the world of entrepreneurship and startups in Egypt and the Middle East. The host of this unique and inspiring experience will be the media personality Dalia Abu Omar.

“Al-Moghameer” will shed light on the role of companies in boosting economic growth, and success stories and challenges faced by these companies will be a fundamental part of the content. The program will also provide services and information that enhance the entrepreneurial environment in Egypt, contributing significantly to supporting the Egyptian economy’s growth.

The production team for this program is qualified and specialized in the fields of economics and entrepreneurship, led by the editorial team of Tamer Imam and Ahmed El-Barmawy. These professionals will work to deliver engaging and informative content that highlights important aspects of the world of entrepreneurship.

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