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The success of Mercer’s acquisition of The Talent Enterprise to support psychological assessment technology in the UAE

Mercer, a key player in reshaping the global workforce landscape and a division of Marsh McLennan (NYSE: MMC), has recently confirmed its acquisition deal with The Talent Enterprise (TTE), a prominent psychometric and talent assessment technology company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

Pending regulatory approval, this strategic move is poised to enhance Mercer’s capabilities in workforce management and HR transformation, addressing the escalating need for skilled talent as businesses expand their workforces.

The Talent Enterprise specializes in delivering progressive and robust talent assessment tools and capability development solutions, empowering organizations to make pivotal decisions concerning their human capital. With a team comprising over 55 experts in organizational psychology, human capital, data science, and technology, their services span from career guidance and recruitment to talent management, succession planning, and workplace well-being.

Through the acquisition of The Talent Enterprise, Mercer aims to broaden its capacity to assist clients in shaping recruitment strategies, identifying high-potential individuals, providing coaching, and facilitating leadership development and succession planning.

This will be achieved through the utilization of proprietary assessment tools and platforms developed by The Talent Enterprise.

Tarek Lotfy, President of Mercer India, Middle East, and Africa, emphasized the significance of The Talent Enterprise’s suite of services and insights in today’s business landscape.

He stated, “The Talent Enterprise’s suite of services and insights are critically important to organizations today, many of which are pursuing workforce transformations and need people development, upskilling and reskilling tools to remain relevant and competitive.”

David Jones, CEO of The Talent Enterprise, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone in their journey, highlighting the collaboration with Mercer as a means to offer advanced technology-led talent solutions to their expanding client base.

Jones remarked, “Through Mercer, we will be perfectly positioned to meet growing market demands, and empowered to offer the solutions that will attract, retain, and develop the best talent for our clients.”

The acquisition comes at a time when organizations globally are navigating significant shifts in their workforce structures, with a growing emphasis on talent development, upskilling, and reskilling to maintain competitiveness.

The integration of The Talent Enterprise’s expertise into Mercer’s suite of services is anticipated to provide a comprehensive solution for clients seeking to adapt to these dynamic changes in the business landscape.

The strategic advisory role in this transaction was undertaken by Intrepid Investment Bankers, while Clyde & Co provided legal counsel, and PwC Middle East served as the financial advisor to The Talent Enterprise.

In conclusion, Mercer’s acquisition of The Talent Enterprise is a strategic move to reinforce its position as a leader in workforce and talent management.

The collaboration between these two entities is expected to yield innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in an ever-changing global market.

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