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Launching Hub71+ ClimateTech in Abu Dhabi: Supporting Startups for Global Environmental Transformation

Hub71 in Abu Dhabi has announced the launch of Hub71+ ClimateTech, aimed at supporting global startups in developing sustainable technologies to reduce carbon emissions and achieve climate neutrality in the future. The program was unveiled during COP28, with the goal of enhancing regulatory frameworks and encouraging innovative technologies in this field. It aligns with the UAE’s vision to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The program offers incentives of up to 250,000 AED in support services and cash against equity for startups in the climate technology sector, facilitating their global expansion from Abu Dhabi.

Partners such as ADNOC have allocated 55 billion AED to support low-carbon solutions, committing to essential support. Additionally, companies like Catalyst, e& Investments, Siemens Energy, Tabreed, and TAQA have joined as key partners, pledging investment, experimental funding, and guidance for selected startups.

The program includes a 12-month accelerator, featuring a specialized three-month course tailored for climate technology startups, along with mentorship and financial support. Its aim is to explore the future of climate technology, fund essential projects, and assist startups on their journey towards climate neutrality.

Ahmed Ali Alwan, Hub71’s Deputy CEO, emphasized the initiative’s focus on enhancing innovative solutions to tackle climate change, supporting environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs, and enabling global expansion through Abu Dhabi. This initiative is in line with Abu Dhabi’s vision for sustainable growth and climate strategies, targeting a 22% reduction in carbon emissions by 2027.

Startups can apply to join Hub71+ ClimateTech to benefit from its value-driven programs and incentives supporting their global growth.

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