Abu Dhabi Investment Office and Faraday expand AI solutions in Abu Dhabi

Today, both the Abu Dhabi Investment Office and Faraday Future Intelligent Electric (listed on Nasdaq under the symbol FFIE) announced that Faraday Future is gearing up to provide generative artificial intelligence solutions and advanced smart electric vehicle applications within the Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industry (SAVI) complex in Abu Dhabi.

Faraday Future, a global leader in the development of intelligent electric transport systems based in California, recently launched its limited edition electric car model FF 91 2.0 aiFalcon in the Middle East, positioning itself among a growing number of companies looking to establish a presence in the SAVI complex.

Faraday Future focuses on designing and manufacturing the next generation of smart electric vehicles with the highest technological and luxury standards.

The company has developed a range of products based on generative artificial intelligence for use in its vehicles. Under the agreement, Faraday Future will establish its regional headquarters and modern facilities for manufacturing, research and development focused on the new generation of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence technologies in Abu Dhabi. The collaboration also includes exploring funding opportunities for smart electric vehicle applications in the United Arab Emirates.

The two parties will cooperate to develop regulatory frameworks that contribute to improving the manufacturing processes of smart and autonomous vehicle solutions and applications.

The SAVI complex in Masdar City provides modern facilities and advanced services, with an integrated organizational structure to support the design, testing, and manufacturing of smart and autonomous vehicles and their applications in the air, on land, and at sea, as well as providing services to other sectors such as logistics.

In this context, Bader Saeed Sultan Al Ameri, Acting Director General of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, stated, “The SAVI complex is an innovative hub in the aviation, land, and maritime transport sectors, attracting ambitious companies capable of shaping the future of sustainable transportation.

Faraday Future’s activities will contribute to enhancing the performance of the electric vehicle sector in Abu Dhabi, in addition to providing new expertise in generative artificial intelligence and smart mobility.”

Faraday Future’s Research and Development Center in Abu Dhabi will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence solutions and smart vehicle applications for use in the transport sector. The collaboration also involves sharing technical expertise with universities in Abu Dhabi.

Matthias Eidt, Global CEO of Faraday Future, emphasized that the cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office is a crucial step towards achieving their goal of entering the UAE market in 2024, especially with the launch of the FF 91 2.0 Futurist aiFalcon electric car model.

Faraday Future’s collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office is a significant step towards achieving this goal, reflecting the success of the company’s global strategy and its distinguished position in providing cutting-edge technologies and products, particularly in the luxury car market.

Jerry Wang, CEO of Faraday Future Global Partners Limited, expressed his pleasure in supporting this collaboration and looks forward to building a successful and long-term partnership. He thanked strategic partners and the Board of Directors of their operations in the Middle East, as well as Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, CEO of the Master Investment Group, and Ahmed Khalaf Ahmed Khalaf Al Otaiba, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SIRAJ Holdings, for their valuable contributions.

The SAVI complex in Abu Dhabi benefits from the significant industrial capabilities of the emirate and serves as a crucial element in achieving the UAE’s strategy to have electric and hybrid vehicles make up 50% of the total vehicles in the country by 2050. The complex also takes advantage of Abu Dhabi’s exceptional location, providing access to major airways, ground infrastructure, and global maritime ports.

It includes facilities such as an academy, testing areas, research and development labs, credit issuance facilities, large workshops, aircraft hangars, and integrated industrial facilities linked to the global logistics network in Abu Dhabi.

On another note, Faraday Future has developed a limited edition of the FF 91 2.0 Futurist aiFalcon model specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the Middle East market. This model is expected to be launched in the UAE in 2024 and is characterized by specialized artificial intelligence technologies, direct communication with 5G networks, race training solutions, and other unique features.

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