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The Jazan Investment Forum 2023 kicks off tomorrow

The Jazan Investment Forum 2023 is gearing up for its grand launch tomorrow, a significant event under the patronage of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who serves as the Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Economic and Development Affairs. Spanning over two days, the forum encompasses numerous activities and events aimed at exploring the strategic directions for investment in the Jazan region.

The forum will witness ministerial participation in a dedicated dialogue session to discuss the future of investment in the region, alongside efforts to bolster the investment environment and innovate new opportunities in these sectors. The focus of the forum revolves around Jazan’s role as a food basket for the Kingdom, in addition to showcasing promising investment prospects available there.

Prince Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, the Emir of Jazan, emphasized the forum’s importance in enhancing the private sector and guiding investment initiatives. The events vary from specialized workshops addressing the role of family institutions and startups in enhancing investment and financial sustainability.

Organizers of the forum also underscore the crucial role played by the Crown Prince in supporting this initiative, commending the government’s significant interest in Jazan’s development and support for its economic and investment progress.

Overall, this forum serves as a significant opportunity to shed light on Jazan as a promising investment destination, affirming the government’s commitment to comprehensive development in this vital region.

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