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GuROW app launch: Innovative investment platform for a new investor and entrepreneur generation

Arab Financial for Information Technology announced the launch of the “GuROW” application, aimed at attracting a niche of investors and entrepreneurs, in collaboration with distinguished partners such as Optefolio, Gold Egypt, and A F Securities Trading.

The application offers a range of key services:

  1. News Service: Subscribers gain access to exclusive news, periodic reports, and interviews with top economic experts in Egypt and the region.
  2. GuROW AI: Provides an electronic financial advisor understanding each subscriber’s needs, offering a tailored program to achieve their future financial goals.
  3. Provision of diverse investment tools and services in line with proposed programs from the electronic investment advisor.

The “GuROW” application aims to be an integrated platform providing comprehensive and diverse investment services, available on both Apple and Android operating systems. Mohammed Reda, the founder of “GuROW” and CEO of Arab Financial for Information Technology, emphasized that the aim of this application is to empower a new generation of young people and assist them in investment using cutting-edge technologies.

Fadi Kamel, CEO of Gold Egypt, highlighted the importance of partnering with “GuROW” in providing accurate data and reports about gold, enabling investors to make informed decisions and enhancing the use of financial technology in the market.

Shahab Marzban, a board member of OpteFolio, affirmed that the “GuROW” application offers a distinguished investment platform that utilizes technology to tailor investment portfolios according to customers’ needs, risk levels, and expected returns.

Additionally, Hassan Jaffar, the CEO of A F Securities, emphasized the importance of aligning visions between the two companies to provide a distinguished trading experience in the Egyptian stock market, solidifying their positions as leading companies in the market.

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